Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Party Fun!

We’re not afraid of any cupcakes!!  We had fun this week making cupcakes for a friend’s Halloween Party.  He told us to try whatever we wanted so here’s what we did.

We made a chocolate vampire cupcake with raspberry “blood” filling.  I heard they were yummy and didn’t bite back.
Our second choice was Monster cupcakes.  They were vanilla but hairy(in a buttercream icing kind of way) and had big eyes which when removed could be worn as a ring.
The third cupcake was a traditional pumpkin cupcake with cute Halloween sprinkles on them.  They had cream cheese frosting too!
Don't look behind you... 
We love to work with our customers and come up with fun and new decorating ideas so give us a call and we can customize your order to suit your holiday party!  Ready to order? Give us a call now - at (440) 975-8925!  

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